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Easter Basket Powerpoint Game FREE!!

Easter Basket Powerpoint Game FREE!!

Engage your kids digitally!

Had a great friend produce these powerpoint games a while back when we were running multiple services at our church in San Diego.  They were great for review. They were a great way to help hand out prizes or for when services went long as team games.  We even used them as opening games when kids were arriving as well. Very versatile.  He also created 2 versions for our repeat offenders (kids staying over multiple serves) so they could still participate as game outcomes were different.They are very versatile. 

We are working on updating some graphics, sounds (yes turn up for sound) and screen size / resolution, but I think you can enjoy this one for Easter as is! 

Download comes with full, simple instruction on how to play the game.

We will be reformatting for keynote!

Have a blessed Easter!



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